First time working in a studio

I loved being at university, enjoying the freedom of picking and choosing which elements of the course I would take seriously, because I wasn’t depending on my results to get a job. So I immersed myself in the history of photography and studied the working practices of contemporary photographers. I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the darkroom and, to this day, am a digital-only kind of photographer. I love my computer nearly as much as I love my camera.
My first experience of working in studio was shortly after my expedition with Hannah to create the Working Girl series. Along with three other people, I paid my £45 pounds to photograph ‘models’ in a lighting set-up arranged by the studio owner. I quickly realised this would not be my ‘thing’, as I like to be in control of any given situation. But it did open my eyes to the fact that portraiture was what I’d like to pursue.
Too Cool for School was the first photograph I ever converted to monochrome and Only God Can Judge Me was the beginning of my love for composites, where I settled down and used YouTube videos to learn how to do them ‘properly’.

These two photographs, modelled by Jayden, were early entries in pursuit of AFIAP, the first level of FIAP Salons.
Too Cool for School was accepted into sixteen FIAP Salons
Only God Can Judge Me was accepted into six FIAP Salons

2 thoughts on “First time working in a studio

  1. JJ Post author

    Thank you, Stuart, much appreciated. Early favouites were Sebastiao Selgado, Julia Margaret Cameron, Robert Mapplethorpe, Claude Cajun, Cindy Sherman – bit of a mixed bunch!



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