So, it’s taken me just over a month to get round to my second post on here. I feel a little in limbo as, previously, my photography was driven by setting up studio sessions to shoot the base shots for my fantasy creations and, in so doing, I met new models which led to some interesting portraits. I know some photographers have ventured back into the studio but, at nearly eighty and with Covid-19 still on the rampage, I’m not willing to do that.
I love walking in Nature Reserves in the East Midlands of the UK, photographing butterflies and insects in the summer and birds in the winter. The summer was fairly pleasant as Jan and I managed quite a few walks in the sunshine and managed to socially distance quite easily. However, now the days are closing in, we are finding that some of our favourite places have reduced their hours meaning that, for the shorter time they are open, the trails are more crowded.
A change of direction is obviously called for, something I can manage under the present restraints. Hmm, this calls for a bit of reflection, which takes me on nicely to today’s picture, Quiet Reflections, pulled at random from my archives. Coincidentally, it also features Rachelle Summers. I had hoped to line up the glass in such a way that I could shoot straight through it and achieve the effect you see here. I failed miserably and had to shoot the whole thing in bits, to be cobbled together afterwards in Photoshop with the addition of some texturing.

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