After resisting the whole concept of ZOOM ever since Covid-19 reared its ugly head, I now find myself on the brink of my first virtual meeting. This is all thanks to an invitation to join the Nottingham & Notts Phorographic Society, an offer I just couldn’t refuse as I’ve been missing photography for quite a long time now.
I have registered for my first meeting, got a bright blue link in anticipation and, on Tuesday evening, I’ll settle down with a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc and wait to see what happens. Fingers crossed for me.

2 Comments on “I’M A ZOOMER (I THINK)

  1. Well done girl!👍

    You’re welcome to join Ashbourne any Wednesday evening.

    Maybe you could offer us a talk? Jackie our techi has coached a lot of presenters and judges to be Zoomers.

    Apart from the last two weeks we have met every week throughout the year with no break. We even managed a Zoom Christmas do with fun and games, quizzes and a Secret Santa 🤶

    All the best for 2021
    Wendy Beasley

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