A few initial ideas for the cover of Ashes on the Tongue. I lean towards the centre one, followed by the far right, although I grieve for the bits of the painting I had to chop off. The orange text is a big mistake! That will definitely go. The font is Optima which was designed in the 1950s, the era the book is set in.


  1. Thanks, Stuart, I appreciate your input. I had originally intended this image to be a background for the young girl I’d been practicing cut-outs on but when I saw the high resolution version, I couldn’t bear to cover it up. I picked up the orange colour from the small roof on the left of the picture. If I keep the dark version I’ll lower the opacity on the title, I think.

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  2. All three are very attractive book covers! Personally, I really like the first one (one on the left) the most because the neutral colour really shows off the beautiful painting of the house. With the darker colour in the middle, I feel it makes it look more foreboding, but maybe that’s the effect you’re after? I prefer the uncropped image to the cropped and I love the font! I also like the light orange colour of the text – it stands out without being too intrusive, especially on the first image. Good luck with the book!

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