Rating: 2 out of 5.

I never thought I’d write these words but, deep breath, I’m about to give up on Stephen King.
I struggled with ‘The Institute’ which read like it was written for teenagers but thought, well, it’s King, he’s allowed a turkey occasionally.
But he seems to be intent on populating a whole farmyard, judging by his latest offering. Here’s my Amazon review and, in my humble opinion, I’m going easy on him.
1. The book arrived on my Kindle labelled as an unedited proof.
2. What is already a very short story only takes up 90% of the book; the rest is advertising.
3. If I hadn’t been told this was by Stephen King, I’d have tossed it in the bin a quarter of the way through.
4. Sketchily drawn characters, a weak story … what happened, Mr King?

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