Now in my seventy-eighth year. I’d like to say I’ve used all that time wisely, but it would be stretching the truth. I have done quite a few things I’m proud of, though, so we’ll just gloss over the rest.
In my early years, while raising a family, I had many and varied jobs – some interesting like running a small transport company and some stultifyingly boring like putting covers on library book and turning wet jumpers inside out. In my thirties I attained a degree in the Humanities – Sociology, Psychology, English Literature and English Language – which basically made me a Jac of all trades and Master of none.
I took my ragbag of talents to a printing company where I worked my way through secretary, manager and director until I eventually bought it.
This is where I grew my love of the visual arts, designing art catalogues, working with photographers and liaising with designers.
When I sold the company at the age of 63, I took myself back to university and acquired a First Class Honours degree in Photography. For the next ten years I was involved in the Camera Club Circuit in Nottingham, eventually becoming a Competition Judge.
I also competed in International Photographic Salons, submitting mainly portraits and conceptual images. I achieved the accreditations of BPE5*, DPAGB and EFIAP/gold and am proud to have acquired a sizeable collection of medals and awards.

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