Altered Reality

The inspiration for many of my Altered Reality pictures comes from fairy tales, legends and old paintings. In this one, Alice is in Wonderland, about to disappear down the rabbit hole. Alice herself is made of three different body parts and I drew on my nature photographs for the background, animals and scarecrow.

Image: Down the Rabbit Hole

The witches from Macbeth evolved from a fancy dress that my daughter wore to work on Book Day. Never one to miss an opportunity, I then spent a day in the studio, photographing her in various poses. Various small animals from the archives and a trip at night to photograph the moon gave me most of the elements I needed.

Image: When Shall We Three Meet Again?

Occasionally, my imagination takes me in a direction I hadn’t envisaged. I photographed Tillie with the intention of popping her on to a toadstool, but somehow she ended up on this pocket watch. I removed the hands on the watch so she truly was untouched by time.

Image: Untouched by Time

We all have masks we hide behind and multiple identities, depending on who we are inter-acting with.

Don’t we? Do we? 

Image: Behind the Mask

Another Alice in Wonderland inspired picture. I was thinking of the scene where the playing cards attacked Alice and had Hannah’s mother standing on a stepladder throwing the cards at her. I added extra cards and the eyes were also added afterwards to make the cards look more evil.

Image: The Body Snatchers

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