Believable Reality

The brief for a camera club competition was ‘Wet’ and, after waiting in vain for a rainy day to come along, we created our own with a watering can and stepladder. A little messing about with hair to make it look windblown and the job was done.

Image: Sunshine and Showers

This is one of those images that got away from me a little bit. Hannah and the Harley were shot in a local garage, while the background was Sneinton Market on a wet Sunday. I spent so many hours creating rain and making clothes and bike look wet, that I fell out of love with it.

Image: The Chase

Quite a lot texturing, removing bits of background and extending the book shelves went into this image, as well as sneaking in a black cat to sit in Tracey’s skirts.

Image: The Telephone Call

One of the first times I tried to merge two pictures and it really was on a wing and a prayer, as I knew very little indeed about Photoshop. It was in an exhibition and a well-known street photographer took some persuading that it wasn’t a single image.
Well pleased!

Image: Working Girl

I really like the background on this image, so spent quite a while working with bokeh and textures, as well as creating a head-dress out of Hannah’s necklace.

Image: Wicked Lady

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