First Acceptances towards Gold …

Just in from Foto Klub Novi Sad, the first acceptances of new images towards my FIAP / Gold accreditation. The model here is Mason, first in Peaky Blinders mode in Time Gone and then in Penance, a loose interpretation of the Atlas myth.   And this is Devonn in Through a Glass Darkly, part of a modern gangster set. Finally, the really versatile and…

The End of the Silver Trail

On 1st November, I finally acquired the last of the accepted pictures I needed to apply for my EFIP/silver. These are the final seven images of 2017. Now the long wait until June 2018 until I can start entering Salons again in a bid for Gold! From the top left, clockwise: The Cheat Unmasked, Shady Lady, Hidden Charms, Double Trouble, Painted Lady, Rebel Without…

First .jpegs from the Nikon D800

Still waiting for Adobe to catch up with the software for RAW files, but I couldn’t resist a few test shots in the meantime. Model: Zita Lukacs

Vintage Pin-Up

Part of a series I have been working on, using a faux wet-plate processing finish. Model: Ellie Mae Bates.

Ellie Mae

Today, I’m practising split-toning. This one is done in Lightroom, with quite a light touch (a new discipline for me!). It hasn’t had any sharpening applied, which, I think, keeps it on the ethereal side.

Girls in Scarves

Models (from the top): Hannah, Rachelle, Tanya Studio: Studio 3 by Severn, Longeaton, UK Processing: Lightroom, Photoshop, with added textures.