Good Times and Good Memories

I gave my first-ever talk about my photographs at Keyworth Camera Club this week. It was a good evening – I was made welcome by a crowd of friendly people, who gave me the following review. I am still smiling at the memory. September 13th saw Jacqui Jay Grafton EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE5* give us her presentation New Tricks and it proved to be fascinating, educational…

Guiding Hands

The people in this picture are all very dear to me and I was trying to show how love and compassion and sadness are all filtered down through the years in a sort of collective consciousness. (Pretentious, moi?)


This is Mason, a toughie on the football field and confident enough to pose naked, knowing the finished photographs would be exhibited internationally. My aim was to create a loose interpretation of Atlas, bearing the world on his shoulders. So far so good. To spare my female blushes, his fiancee was on hand to make sure no dangly bits would intrude into the picture….

Small is Beautiful

Two things happened to me a little while ago. One was quite a small thing by usual standards, but it was rather lovely. The second thing was quite major and upsetting. I let the major thing dominate my mind. And it grew … The same morning, we were diverted from the scene of an accident where a woman died. And I thought, “You’re 71,…

Lunch with Albert

When I first began to forget the names of things (apparently the first thing to go is proper nouns) I swore I would never resort to ‘whatchamacallit’ and ‘thingymajig’; even if it meant a pause in the conversation, I would just wait until the word came. That worked for a while and then the next stage appeared – the word would come to mind…