As the Crow Flies

I had this picture in mind when I went into the studio, so quite a straightforward shot of Rachelle, using the wind machine. The crow flew in from a previous nature shot and I adjusted the ribbon on her wrist to add movement. A final light texture layer brought the tones together.

Studio shot: Nikon D800, 85mm/1.4, 1/125, f8, ISO 100, processed LR and PS

Going Underground

Simeon is a break dancer and we had a very energetic photo shoot. This was a resting moment where I liked the pose, so I popped him into a cellar, courtesy of Southwell Workhouse, added a ray of light and converted to monochrome. A few textures added along the way as the lighting was very different in the two photographs.

Studio shot: Nikon D850, 24-70mm/2.8 @ 24mm, 1/125, f9, ISO 200, processed LR, PS and Nik Silver Efex


Two teenage girls, Devon and Emma, very keen on the fifties look with bouffant petticoats etc. I placed them in an American diner, pulled from an old location shot. Quite a lot of work on this one – head and feet replaced, diner tidied up and special texture created.

Studio shot: Nikon D800, 24-70mm/2.8 @ 50mm, 1/125, f9, ISO 100, processed LR and PS


This is part of a series I was doing based on identity. It’s quite a simple composition; three shots of Rachelle at different angles, two blurred, merged on to the background and converted to monochrome. No textures on this one.

Studio shot: Nikon D850, 85/1.4mm, 1/125, f7.1, ISO 160, processed LR, PS and Nik Silver Efex

Guiding Hands

This is Hannah, with her mother and father laying guiding hands on her shoulders, something I had in mind for a while. I had intended to shoot it in one piece, but had difficulty lining up the eyes, so Dad was added later. A fair amount of hair-adding and texture layering went on.

Studio shot: Nikon D800, 85mm/1.4, 1/125, f8, ISO 100, processed LR and PS

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