Ashes on the Tongue

In 1950s Northern Ireland, two families are connected by a history steeped in secrecy, violence and betrayal.
Ruby and Victor Crozier are Protestants. When Victor forces his daughter, Fen out of school and into work in a linen mill, she learns about the darkness in her family’s history.
Rose and Dermot Quinn are Roman Catholics. Their eldest son, John Joe, has just come home from England where he works and sends home money.
Fen and John Joe unwittingly witness an atrocity, and are drawn into a web of danger, not only from within their own homes but also from the violent campaign for a unified Ireland.


Circles of Confusion

Shadows of the past hang heavily on three runaways, who face their greatest fears just when they thought they had earned a new life.
Jilly has dark secrets and a past she wants to forget. 
Tina is near the end of her life as a sex worker and frightened of the future.
Leon, her son, despises her and hates Jilly.
pimp brutalises her, the three of them form an uneasy alliance and set out to exact revenge. Their plan goes horribly wrong and they thrown together as fugitives. Living together in close confinement, none of them trusting the others, this fragile group opens up to one another and brutally honest truths emerge.