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This is Meerkats in the Snow, a very early composite picture. I had shot the snowy scene at Rutland Water and Jan said it needed some foreground interest, so I popped in the meerkats. I remember doing a lot of ‘rubbing out’ and colouring in’ as it was before Photoshop and I really became friends.
It was accepted into twenty five FIAP Salons and won three gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal. It also picked up a few medals in the BPE Salons.

Vigil in the Snow. This was never meant to be a competition picture. The tree is at Wilford Hill, a cemetery on the outskirts of Nottingham. I have photographed it many times in all four seasons on my visits to my daughter, who left us a long time ago. I particularly liked the misty atmosphere on a snowy morning and moved the lady along a little way to add human interest.
It was accepted into two FIAP Salons.

Feeding the Ducks. A very early morning at Clumber Park with the trees disappearing into the foggy background. I transferred the man and the ducks from another photograph taken on the same day to add a splash of colour.
It was accepted into one FIAP Salon.

Hoar Frost at Clumber Park. My abiding memory of this picture is that the temperature was -10 degrees and I was complaining bitterly. The conditions were lovely for a landscape shot, though, and the swans floated by at exactly the right time. I was already gaining a reputation for adding ‘bits and bobs’ and had to explain more than once that this was a straight shot.
It was accepted into ten FIAP Salons and won a silver medal.