Left: Off Duty
Top Right: Bad News
Bottom Right: Aircraft Overdue

I met Mike at a studio session that had been organised by Dave Severn of Studio 3 by Severn. It was quite a chaotic day with multi models and multi photographers, all ably organised by Dave and his wife, Pamela. It meant that each photographer had a limited amount of time with each model before being moved on. I enjoyed working with Mike and had hoped to spend more time with him in the future but, unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen now.


Back in 2009, for my degree show, I created a series of black and white portraits which, when assembled in a row, replicated the positions of Jesus and His twelve disciples in Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper (below). All the models were either gay, bi-sexual or trans-sexual (as it was then called, don’t pick me up on this). I rigged up a small studio in my home where I had both north and east facing light. My exhibition, called Outside the Circle, was a success and I was awarded a First Class Honours in Photography. The collected pictures were taken to London to be exhibited and were also mounted in several places in Nottingham. I later converted the one above into a layered, textured image, entitled Inner Conflict, which went on to be featured in Photographic Salons in several different countries.

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