I’m getting ready to self-publish my third book on September 30th and had the brilliant idea of teaching myself to use InDesign to format it. As a longtime user of other Adobe programmes, I thought, “How difficult can it be?”
The answer: Bloody difficult!
Text boxes are now text frames.
You don’t import pictures, you place them and don’t get me started on setting up multiple Master pages!
Every second YouTube tutorial contradicts the one before.
This may take a little while.



It’s getting near the publication date for my cosy mystery, Albert’s Garden – not written in stone yet (excuse the unintentional pun) but definitely well before Christmas.
I’m thinking of a minimal feel for the cover design, as it’s under a pen name and quite different to my previous books.
This is my first effort and I know it will change quite a few times before I reach the final version.


Just got my hands on a hardback version of
Ashes on the Tongue, a beta option being rolled out by Amazon.
Delighted with the quality.
Unfortunately, I can’t keep it as it’s on the way to a reader in Northern Ireland after I’ve signed it.


A small selection of the many messages I’ve received about Ashes on the Tongue. Thank you to all the lovely ladies who took the time to contact me. 💕 Buy here as eBook, Paperback or Hardback .


When I first photographed fifteen-year-old Devonn three years ago, I hadn’t even an inkling that I would start a secondary career as a self-publishing author. Having cut my literary teeth on my first novel, Circles of Confusion, I embarked on the much longer, more complicated Ashes on the Tongue which tells the story of Fen, a young girl in Northern Ireland in the 1950s, just before The Troubles really took hold. I always saw Devonn as Fen and a quick look through my archives revealed the first picture on the left which I thought was perfect. The strip below shows the progression from the original photograph to the processed version to the cover design and, finally, to the first advertisement after the book was published. The font used for the title is called Requiem and I liked it so much, I have used it for all my covers. As the sequel to AshesThen Sings My Soul – is well under way, it looks like I’ll soon be having another trawl through the archives.