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I’m With Alice

One of the stories I return to time and again for inspiration is Alice in Wonderland. There is such an abundance of imagery in there I could (almost) forgive Carroll his proclivities.
The Body Snatchers and Down the Rabbit Hole, both featuring different versions of Alice, began life as studio shots and were then subjected to some digital artwork – a very little in the case of Body Snatchers and quite a lot for Rabbit Hole.
The Mad Hatter and Only Make Believe were taken at an Alice in Wonderland themed day at Studio 3 by Severn. The model playing the role of the Dormouse coped very well with having my fisheye lens literally half an inch from her nose.

The Body Snatchers was accepted into eleven FIAP Salons and a won a Ribbon
The Mad Hatter was accepted into three FIAP Salons and a Diploma
Down the Rabbit Hole was accepted into three FIAP Salons and won a Silver Medal
Only Make Believe was accepted into four FIAP Salons

Last three …

These are the last three images I have of my AFIAP application. There were a few more but they have been lost in the mists of time.

This is my grand-daughter, Hannah on what (I think) was her very first time in the studio. We were all a bit nervous (well, I was!) but somehow we muddled through and I came away with some memorable photographs. I liked this pose a lot and carefully cut her out from her background and popped her on some haystacks we saw near Frampton Marsh. The wigeon just crept in somehow and gave the picture its name (although it’s a duck really).
The Goose Girl was accepted into one FIAP Salon in Finland.

Mating Migrant Hawkers was accepted into two FIAP Salons.

A Wasp, Masticating was accepted into eight FIAP Salons.


This is Meerkats in the Snow, a very early composite picture. I had shot the snowy scene at Rutland Water and Jan said it needed some foreground interest, so I popped in the meerkats. I remember doing a lot of ‘rubbing out’ and colouring in’ as it was before Photoshop and I really became friends.
It was accepted into twenty five FIAP Salons and won three gold medals, two silver medals and a bronze medal. It also picked up a few medals in the BPE Salons.

Vigil in the Snow. This was never meant to be a competition picture. The tree is at Wilford Hill, a cemetery on the outskirts of Nottingham. I have photographed it many times in all four seasons on my visits to my daughter, who left us a long time ago. I particularly liked the misty atmosphere on a snowy morning and moved the lady along a little way to add human interest.
It was accepted into two FIAP Salons.

Feeding the Ducks. A very early morning at Clumber Park with the trees disappearing into the foggy background. I transferred the man and the ducks from another photograph taken on the same day to add a splash of colour.
It was accepted into one FIAP Salon.

Hoar Frost at Clumber Park. My abiding memory of this picture is that the temperature was -10 degrees and I was complaining bitterly. The conditions were lovely for a landscape shot, though, and the swans floated by at exactly the right time. I was already gaining a reputation for adding ‘bits and bobs’ and had to explain more than once that this was a straight shot.
It was accepted into ten FIAP Salons and won a silver medal.

Early Portraits

This little group of portraits is a fair representation of where I was at photographically back in 2014 and in pursuit of my first accreditation of AFIAP. In the Pink (top left) and Grunge and Roses (centre) were taken at a workshop where all I was required to do was turn up, know enough to turn the camera on and click the button. Cabaret (top right) came from a lighting workshop. I thought I was doing pretty well to convert it to black-and-white and add a little smoke. Love Amongst the Ruins (bottom left) is an older shot, taken in the studio at university in my second year and later amalgamated with a shot from Stratford-on-Avon. It was my first nude shoot (not me, the models) and they kept their pants on to preserve their modesty. It was only when I viewed the shots later that I realised the flash had rendered his posing pouch transparent. Hello, Old Friend (bottom right) was a lovely moment on a nature reserve where Jan was feeding the robin on her hand; it seemed to strike a chord with judges as it won a Gold Medal in one of the BPE Salons (another story) and came second in the Nature category in the British Wildlife Exhibition.
All Nikon shots, except Love Amongst the Ruins, which was taken with a Leica.

In the Pink was accepted into three Salons
Cabaret was accepted into fourteen Salons and won an Honourable Mention
Grunge and Roses was accepted into three Salons
Love Amongst the Ruins was accepted into five Salons and won a Silver medal and an Honourable Mention
Hello, Old Friend was accepted into four Salons