I’m getting ready to self-publish my third book on September 30th and had the brilliant idea of teaching myself to use InDesign to format it. As a longtime user of other Adobe programmes, I thought, “How difficult can it be?”
The answer: Bloody difficult!
Text boxes are now text frames.
You don’t import pictures, you place them and don’t get me started on setting up multiple Master pages!
Every second YouTube tutorial contradicts the one before.
This may take a little while.



A few initial ideas for the cover of Ashes on the Tongue. I lean towards the centre one, followed by the far right, although I grieve for the bits of the painting I had to chop off. The orange text is a big mistake! That will definitely go. The font is Optima which was designed in the 1950s, the era the book is set in.


I’m blown away today by the arrival of this image to be used on the cover of Ashes on the Tongue, due for publication around Easter time this year. It is an original painting by Northern Irish artist, George A Gourley, showing a derelict house on the Tirkane Road, Maghera which is near Londonderry. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to use it yet – there are lots of ideas buzzing round in my head. Many thanks to George Gourley for giving me permission to use his painting.