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The Knife Angel

In Derby city, in front of the cathedral, 29th October 2109

 The Knife Angel was created by Alfie Bradley at The British Ironwork Centre, a family run business based in Oswestry. The team at the Ironworks, along with the artist, created the Angel sculpture completely out of knives, to bring the issue of knife crime to the front of society’s consciousness.  The team created 200 knife banks, which were distributed across the country to collect knives, many of which had been used in crimes.
Alfie disinfected every blade of the thousands of weapons that came in. Some were still in evidence tubes with bodily fluids on their surface. He blunted each knife before welding it onto the sculpture. The wings were created using the blades only, creating a feather like appearance.
One of the most powerful, emotional pieces of sculpture I have ever seen.

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