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I’m With Alice

One of the stories I return to time and again for inspiration is Alice in Wonderland. There is such an abundance of imagery in there I could (almost) forgive Carroll his proclivities.
The Body Snatchers and Down the Rabbit Hole, both featuring different versions of Alice, began life as studio shots and were then subjected to some digital artwork – a very little in the case of Body Snatchers and quite a lot for Rabbit Hole.
The Mad Hatter and Only Make Believe were taken at an Alice in Wonderland themed day at Studio 3 by Severn. The model playing the role of the Dormouse coped very well with having my fisheye lens literally half an inch from her nose.

The Body Snatchers was accepted into eleven FIAP Salons and a won a Ribbon
The Mad Hatter was accepted into three FIAP Salons and a Diploma
Down the Rabbit Hole was accepted into three FIAP Salons and won a Silver Medal
Only Make Believe was accepted into four FIAP Salons