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Zebra Crossing

In April this year, I had the pleasure of judging a photography competition at the Nottingham Outlaws Photographic Society. I was more than a little surprised when this photograph popped up on the screen.

It really tickled my fancy, as I have never seen a show-jumping zebra! You’ve probably guessed what I failed to see on the night – it’s a very clever composite, created by Lois Webb! Below is a low-res version of the original picture and the zebra picture Lois used as inspiration in transforming the horse into a zebra.

Composites are one of my photographic passions, and Lois remarked, “I consider it a feather in my cap that you didn’t recognise my composite as such.” I think she deserves a handful of feathers for the great work she did on her picture.

The irony is, if I had recognised it as a composite, Lois would have had a much better score!

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