Jimmy Mullen is a homeless man living in a hostel in Newcastle. He has friends – Gadge and Deano – and a dog named Dog. He is also an ex-convict with PTSD. So, the odds are stacked against him, really, but somehow he retains an enquiring mind and a sharp intellect.
When Deano’s brother is found dead, the friends pool their resourced to investigate how he died and become enmeshed in a story of violence and drugs. Jimmy has the help of a police officer and a journalist, both of whom owe him favours. Gadge is also an expert in IT. Deano – well, he hasn’t got any particular skills that I could see but, in spite

of also being an ex-convict and a hardened drug addict, he’s a really nice guy. Lots of name-checking the areas in and around Newcastle which grounded the story a bit.
The blurb advertises One Way Street as being gritty and there are nasty villains galore but our little band of heroes are just so NICE and the story moves so SLOWLY that I only got to 30% before, sadly, leaving them to their adventures.
Perhaps if I had read Book One I could have bought into the characters more.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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