To Sharpen or not to sharpen …

… that is the question. More and more lately, I have been wondering about why we sharpen digital photographs. I don’t believe our eyes see the world with crisp, delineated outlines on every object in the scope of our vision. So, why the need to sharpen every picture we make until it “makes your eyes bleed”?

Ellie Mae

I think we have been subtly engineered by the photographic gurus and bloggers into thinking every element of a picture must be razor sharp … and I no longer believe it is so. This picture has had no sharpening applied. Admittedly, my eyes are probably a lot older than yours, but I feel it represents fairly accurately what I was seeing at the time I dropped the shutter.┬áThe model, Ellie, doesn’t have sharp edges and the whites of her eyes are not blindingly white, so why is it considered de rigeur to alter our photographs to give this illusion?

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