A bit dull down at Skylarks Nature Reserve this morning.
“Where do all the butterflies go when it’s like this?” I asked Jan.
So she found one for me –
a lovely brimstone hanging upside down, buried in the grasses.


A small sample of the fantastic little mini-beasts we saw this summer, all observed at either Chambers Farm Wood, Lincolnshire, or at Skylarks Nature Reserve, Nottingham.

Elephant Hawk Moth (deilephila elpenor), caterpillar and moth. Hard to believe the little fellow on the left will encase itself in a pupa and hibernate all winter under leaf litter to emerge next summer as the glorious moth on the right.

Four Banded Longhorn Beetle (leptura quadrifasciata)

Latticed Heath Moth (chiasmia clathrata)

One of my favourite British butterflies, the Marbled White (melanargia galathea).

White-tailed Bumblebee (bombus locorum)

Green Shield Bug (palomena prasina), also known as a Green Stink Bug.