The FIAP Journey in Pictures

Beginning with the quest for Silver, the record of my journey towards accreditation with Excellence de la Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique (International Photography Salons). Explanation here, although it’s not essential to know to enjoy the photographs. The latest entry will always be at the top of the page.

6th February 2017 – From Russia With Love
Nice little birthday surprise in this morning. Two more new pictures accepted in the Beautiful Life Salon in Russia – Cornered and Call of the Wild.

CorneredCall of the Wild

30th December 2017 – First Acceptances towards EFIAP/Gold
Just in from Foto Klub Novi Sad, the first acceptances of new images towards my FIAP / Gold accreditation. The model here is Mason, first in Peaky Blinders mode in Time Gone and then in Penance, a loose interpretation of the Atlas myth.


The really versatile and professional model, Rachelle Summer, as a Cabaret Dancer.

Cabaret Dancer

A handful of my older images also got accepted with a couple of awards, but they don’t count towards Gold, so will now be retired after a year’s hard work on my behalf.

And two acceptances into the Khayyam exhibition – this is Devonn in Through a Glass Darkly, part of a modern gangster set, and Hannah in The Party’s Over.

Through a Glass Darkly
The Party's Over

November 30th 2017 – The End of the Silver Trail
On 1st November, I finally acquired the last of the accepted pictures I needed to apply for my EFIP/silver. These are the final seven images of 2017. Now the long wait until June 2018 until I can start entering Salons again in a bid for Gold!
From the top left, clockwise: The Cheat Unmasked, Shady Lady, Hidden Charms, Double Trouble, Painted Lady, Rebel Without a Cause and Reed Warbler in the Reeds.

14th October 2017 – The Silken Bow
Results just in from the Uzbekistan Photo Salon … four acceptances, including Silken Bow, a new entry to the FIAP Salons and number 43 of the required 50 images.

Silken Bow

October 7th 207 – Flora
I’ve had this picture for quite some time and, for some reason, have never entered it into the Salons. Flora had her first outing to Salon el Argentino and is now #42 of my required 50 pictures for EFIAP/silver.


October 1st 2017 – The Cheat and Carmelita
I’ve had this picture for quite some time and, for some reason, have never entered it into the Salons. Flora had her first outing to Salon el Argentino and is now #42 of my required 50 pictures for EFIAP/silver.




September 28th 2017  – Teenyboppers
Results in today from the 64th Singapore International Photography Awards – five images accepted for inclusion in their exhibition, including new picture, Teenyboppers, bringing me up to 39 of my 50 target for EFIAP/silver.
Models: Devonn and Ellie.


September 15th 2017 – only twelve to go!
With a couple of months to go, I now have 38 of 50 pictures required to qualify for my EFIAP/s. I already have the obligatory 100 acceptances, so just the dirty dozen to find between now and Christmas.
From top left, clockwise: The Cheaters, Private Dancer, Hair Raiser, Robin Redbreast in Song, Vintage Pin Up, Menace, The Girl in the Blue Scarf, Beginners Please.
Thanks to models Martyn, Hannah, Mason, Rachelle and Ellie Mae.
And a big thank you, as usual, to Studio 3 by Severn.

July 19th 2017 – Halfway to Silver
So, to achieve my EFIAP Silver level, I need to have had at least 50 different pictures accepted into international Salons and a minimum of 100 acceptances total. Today, after six weeks, I have hit the halfway mark … 54 acceptances over 25 pictures, with six awards along the way. It’s getting a bit tougher now, as I had a few pictures stockpiled to give me a start. Time to get working again. This is the latest selection, sent off today to see what comes back.
From the top : The Cheat, None Shall Pass,Through the Looking Glass,Reflection, The Courtesan, The Last Piece of the Puzzle, When Shall We Three Meet Again, Ariel, Stoned, The Mad Hatter, Split Personality, Regrets, Into the Light, The Girl in the Pink Scarf, The Sorceress, Behind the Mask, Black Swan, Imprisoned, Out of the Shadows, Death of a Maiden.



None Shall PassThrough the Looking GlassReflectionThe Neck CorsetThe Last Piece of the PuzzleWhen Shall We Three Meet AgainArielstonedThe Mad HatterSplit PersonalityregretsInto the Lightthe-girl-in-the-pink-scarfThe SorceressBehind the MaskBlack SwanImprisonedOut of the ShadowsDeath of a Maiden

I’m an EFIAP – now the journey begins towards Silver
The postman delivered my certificate, badge and photographer’s card from Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique’, or FIAP (Eng. The International Federation of Photographic Art), an international organization of national associations of photography. More than 85 national associations are members, comprising nearly one million individual photographers. In order to qualify for my EFIAP (the E stands for excellence), i had to have at least 250 acceptances into International Exhibitions, with a total of at least 50 different photographs. The acceptances had to come from at least 30 different salons with FIAP Patronage, and those salons had to be spread over at least 20 different countries. So, this is the accumulation of two years work.

I guess you could say I’m happy, happy, happy!



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