New Acceptances for EFIAP/s

With a couple of months to go, I now have 38 of 50 pictures required to qualify for my EFIAP/s. I already have the obligatory 100 acceptances, so just the dirty dozen to find between now and Christmas.
From top left, clockwise: The Cheaters, Private Dancer, Hair Raiser, Beginners Please, The Girl in the Blue Scarf, Robin Redbreast in Song, Menace, Vintage Pin Up.
Thanks to models Martyn, Hannah, Mason, Rachelle and Ellie Mae.
And a big thank you, as usual, to Studio 3 by Severn.

5th Greek Photographic Circuit

18 acceptances from the 5th Greek Photographic Circuit, with The Sorceress continuing its run of awards with a Diploma 3; three new images got their first acceptances – The Seventh Veil, Great Heron Taking Off and Male Bearded Tit; and four fairly recent images also did well – Study in Red, Trinity, Medusa and Regrets. Happy with that, as they say.

Some days just shine …

This is Hello, Old Friend, a picture I shot quite a few years ago and a firm favourite of mine. Today, the guys from Attenborough Nature Reserve asked if they could feature it in an article in the Nottingham Evening Post this Saturday. Of course they can!

Hello, Old Friend.jpg

And, on the same day, a request from BBC Radio Nottingham to feature this picture of a grey heron, again taken at Attenborough Nature Reserve, on their website, as part of the daily round-up. Of course they can!


3rd Queensland International Digital Circuit

I had 39 acceptances in the 3rd Queensland International Digital Circuit, over 14 pictures, including two awards. Five of the photographs were first-time acceptances into FIAP, which means I now have all the qualifications to apply for my EFIAP/bronze at the end of the year. The new pictures (clockwise from top left) : Only Make Believe, Green Hairstreak, Fag Ash Lil, Lady of the Rock and Crossing the Finishing Line.

Robin Hood’s been good to me …

It’s always nice to do well in local Salon and I’m pleased with my results from the Robin Hood Salon, which is hosted by the Nottingham & Notts Camera Club.  Six acceptances, three of which got awards. Clockwise from top left: Sitting Pretty (Selector’s Award in Mobile Phone Class), Double Trouble (Commended in Mobile Phone Class), Untouched by Time (Commended in Creative Class), The Eyes Have It, Black Tailed Godwits and I Said I wanted a Budgie!

Hoylake International

My six acceptances from the Hoylake International Salon included three new pictures, which means I now have 40 of the required criterion to qualify for EFIAP/bronze. With just over six months to go before applications open, I am quietly confident of achieving the magic figure. Reading clockwise from top left, they are: Leap in the Dark (new), Ticket to Ride, Shadowplay (new), Brown Hare, Lady of the Mist (new) and Untouched by Time (Honorable Mention).

Small is Beautiful


Two things happened to me a little while ago.
One was quite a small thing by usual standards, but it was rather lovely.
The second thing was quite major and upsetting.
I let the major thing dominate my mind.
And it grew …

The same morning, we were diverted from the scene of an accident where a woman died.
And I thought, “You’re 71, you might live to 100, you might not.”
Life can be short, tempus fugit and all that.

So I put the major thing into a box and tucked it at the back of my mind.
(It fitted quite well) and time will resolve it one way or another.

And I let the lovely thing grow instead.
And, you know what, it’s not such a small thing after all.
It continues to bring me pleasure, just like this little orchid.

And the little insect …

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